You Don’t Know My Story…..

I run into plenty of roadblocks being a Fitness Coach, I mean anyone trying to get a business off the ground does. I think the one that upsets me the most is the assumption that this lifestyle is easy for me because I’m “skinny”. Now’s the time for me to set the record straight! Just because I look a certain way does not mean you know my story, my journey or how I got where I am right now. Take a few minutes to read my story, get to know a little more about who I really am and not just who you believe I am by how I look.

Yes, I have always been “skinny” (I cannot tell you how much I despise that word) but that doesn’t mean I have been healthy, there’s a difference. I listened to people call me that my entire childhood to the point that it became part of who I was as I entered adulthood. I had always been a picky eater, but my relationship with food deteriorated as I grew up. I was terrified of putting on any weight, I mean who would I be if I wasn’t the “skinny” girl? What would I do if I didn’t have this body shape to define me? I actually burst into tears the day I broke 100lbs in my Senior year of High School…..

How did I manage to maintain the weight? Pretty simple, I didn’t eat more than 1 meal most days…. I masked the hunger with coffee and cigarettes and that 1 “gourmet meal” usually consisted of a bagel and yogurt if I was at work. I was also a Retail Manager standing on my feet an average of 50-60 hours a week, so that was my cardio. I suffered from constant migraines that I always blamed on the job, but looking back I’m sure the cigarettes and oh yeah – STARVING had more to do with them than the job. 

The years went on, I met my now husband of almost 22 years and my eating improved, but I always kept my eye on the scale. Lord knows that there is probably some Eating Disorder out there with my name on it, but I was good at masking my fears and because I had always been “skinny” I never raised any red flags at any Doctor’s visits.. After years of trying, I finally became pregnant in my early 30’s and I put on over 60lbs!! (He was a big baby at 9lb 13oz & 22in long and yes, it was a C-Section!) I suffered with post partum depression and the weight not coming off made it worse. We moved from NY to Florida a year later, my weight bounced up & down and I settled into my “Mom Body”. I wasn’t happy with myself, but I didn’t have time to deal. I threw all of me into raising our son and making our life here.

Fast forward to being 40.. I !!!finally!!! quit smoking after 25 years!!! and I started to get serious about getting healthy. I wanted to set a better example for our son. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any healthy habits to fall back on. I made some progress by researching, I joined the gym but I wasn’t being consistent so I was still yo-yoing. Fast forward to December 2013 and I ordered this program called Insanity, get this, FOR MY HUSBAND!! I tried it & fell in love! My body started to transform, I read the guides, started learning about nutrition and the impact it has on your body even more than working out! I immersed myself in learning about food, retraining my palate and actually enjoying food!!  I fight for it –  EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! 

The woman you see above is a HAPPY, HEALTHY, 47 and LOVING it!!! I EAT, REAL MEALS, ALL DAY! That smile is REAL, TRUE, HONEST!! I’m not masking anything anymore and “Skinny” doesn’t own me anymore! So after you read this I hope you think twice before thinking that I can’t understand you, feel with you, struggle with you or help you based on what my appearance means to you….. because until now, did you know that any of this was part of My Story?!?



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