Welcome to the Whole 30 Project…


I had been seeing several other Coaches diving in to this program and decided to give it a shot, thank goodness not alone. A few of us joined forces and created a Facebook group for support. When you’re reading through a new Program and one of the Phases is called “Kill all the things”, you kinda know you are going to need people to lean on. Short definition for those not familiar with Whole 30 is this: No legumes, No dairy, No added sugar, No Alcohol, No grains for 30 days and then you systematically bring them back in your diet so that you can isolate any or all of them that may be affecting your health.  ( For the full breakdown click HERE )Why would I do this?? A) I can still drink coffee 😉 B) Because the Holidays, Because Wine, Because Cake and all the other indulgences I had in excess for the past couple of months. It’s time for a reset. Also, I look forward to seeing if stripping these foods from my diet will further benefit my health in any way. Will my energy increase? Will my occasional joint stiffness ease? Will I finally get rid of this pooch that no amount of exercise or lifestyle change has?


In order to help keep myself on track, I noted the Allowed/Not allowed items and got ready to prep some food for the first few days so I wasn’t so overwhelmed. I will miss Peanut Butter, but I can have Almond Butter… and cheese, I’ll miss cheese….. and Bread, I like Bread…. See how fast things can get off course?? Best to stay prepared. (Of course my first day I was in charge of picking up the Birthday Cake for an employee, but I held strong. :-))



My first plan of action was to make my own Clarified Butter. Yes, you can buy it in the store by the name of Ghee and be charged $10 for it. I’m cheap, what can I say. Lol. It took me 10 minutes to make this fancy sounding ingredient. Long story short, place cubed butter into a small saucepan and bring to a simmer without stirring.



As it simmers the milk solids will rise and you skim them off until you can’t any longer. Strain through cheesecloth ( I didn’t) into a container and let cool.



Tah Dah!! Clarified Butter… 



I also Roasted my own chicken for the first time!!! Laura Ingall’s got nothing on me!!! The vegetables came out AMAZING too! I used Ina Garten’s recipe for Perfect Roast Chicken (click it for the Full Recipe) I omitted the Fennel (because I don’t like it), used Rosemary instead of Thyme (because that’s what I had) and added Sweet Potato to the veggies on the pan bottom (just because I have a ton of them). I got a good deal on the Organic Chicken at Sam’s Club, two 5lb whole chickens for around $17.


This mess above was my Epic Fail for the meal prep event. It was supposed to be mayonnaise, but turned out to be a waste of good olive oil. Apparently, I added the oil too quickly and made this liquefied, separating green soup.. Not sure I will try this again or find some Whole 30 approved mayo in the stores! 

So this is the beginning of my adventure and I invite you all along for the ride!! Stay tuned and see how the “Kill all the Things” phase goes…


All the Best,









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