The Whole 30 Project – Wrapping it up!


I cannot believe how fast these last 2 weeks have gone and that Whole 30 is over! The entire experience has been so eye opening that I believe a Paleo lifestyle may be my future. Sure, some days were harder than others and I had to work with servers when eating out, but I would recommend this to anyone who needs a reset in their nutrition and just wants to start fresh with eating habits. Whole 30 was more restrictive than a Paleo lifestyle will be because you are eliminating entire categories to reset your system and then adding them back in to identify which cause you health issues. Pretty sure mine is Dairy and White Flour, but we shall see…..



I really didn’t miss Dairy all that much, but I couldn’t handle my coffee not being creamy. Almond & Coconut milk tend to be thin and just don’t do it for me. Kudos to those who can drink their coffee Black, but I just cannot… These NutPods were suggested by another in our Whole 30 group and I gave them a try because most non dairy creamers in the store contain sugar!! (the things you learn when you can’t take ingredients for granted) Amazon Prime to the rescue and my coffee was saved!! Really creamy and I was able to pop them in my bag for work related coffee emergencies!! Yes, I LOVE coffee that much!!


Chicken Meatballs with Cauliflower “Fried Rice”


Cauliflower Rice became my new favorite staple and I went through about 30 pounds EACH of Apples and Sweet Potatoes!!! It was nice seeing my counter filled with Fresh Produce again and it will continue to stay that way!



Larabars are Whole 30 approved, but only in a pinch. I didn’t need one until the last few days when I had totally run out of food, but WOW! they are good and only a few ingredients. I already bought Dates so I can try to duplicate these at home!!!



Even though I didn’t go into this wanting to lose weight, as my body got rid of the Bloat and Toxins some changes naturally occurred. Here are my final weight stats:


Day 1 is on the left: 120.3 lbs

Day 31 is on the right: 114.6 lbs

I also started my Piyo program 2 weeks into the Whole 30. So the combination of Nutrition being at 100% and exercise has given me the picture on the right! Like I said, my intention was never to lose any weight. It occurred naturally as my body rid itself of all the toxins and sugar.

I seriously would recommend this program to anyone looking to reset their system. Yes, it’s restrictive but it’s doable! You can still go about your day, attend activities and parties with only a little planning. Servers will work with you in most restaurants, YOU just have to commit to following through to see/feel the results!! Any questions? Drop them below, I’d be happy to help!



All the Best

– C



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