The Whole 30 Project – Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day Dinner
Valentine’s Day Dinner

Firstly, I’m creating this post from my phone… who knew!!! Hoping for the best on the finished product!! 

Secondly, I CANNOT believe that my group and I are 1/2 way through the Whole 30 program. That’s not to say it’s been a breeze, because it has not. My body has not been happy with the detoxification process, which lets me know that I definitely over indulged over the Holidays! Heading into Week 3, I finally feel more energetic and look forward to working out again starting tomorrow…. 

Hubby knows I like to try new oils & that chocolate is hidden until March. 🙂

This week brought Valentines Day and conundrum of what to eat. We never go out on the actual day as we have no desire to wait forever for a table to be overcharged for food and sub par service from an overwhelmed wait staff. This year we’re actually waiting until I’ve completed the program to celebrate, we should celebrate love every day anyway…right? But we still needed to eat and everything my poor husband suggested was not Whole 30 approved!! I’ve been craving mussels lately, but we’d never made them at home before. We went for it anyway!! 

They’re approved, were truly simple to make and came out delicious just steamed with tons of garlic, clarified butter & olive oil! I did miss being able to have bread to sop up all the juice… All in all it was a wonderful family night at home, just being together and enjoying some delicious food! 

On to Week 3 & the final stretch!! 

All the best!




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